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I came to New Hope Recovery at what was the lowest and darkest period of my life.  I could not stop drinking on my own and was facing the possible loss of my job due to my alcoholism.  I was scared and felt hopeless.

That was just over two years ago and I have not had a drink since.  Through their Intensive Outpatient Therapy and continuing aftercare and support I am now living a new life in recovery, free from alcohol and for that I am eternally grateful.  Thank you Dr. Ethier, Morris, and Yvonne!!  Thank you New Hope Recovery!!


The support and guidance I have received from Yvonne and New Hope Recovery has been amazing. I know that they truly care about me and want me to succeed in sobriety and recovery. They have been there every step of the way helping me to move forward and build a new life free from addiction, and continue to support me in recovery.



When I came to New Hope I was at rock bottom, with multiple failed attempts at sobriety.  Alcohol had ruined my life, taken everything I loved and cared about away including myself.  I had lost it all, and if I couldn’t figure it out this time I was on a path to losing my life.   I knew something needed to change and I so desperately wanted it to, but never could figure it out, connect with a program, or do it on my own.  Although I did not enter intensive outpatient by choice I realize it was a blessing in disguise.  Right away walking in the doors and meeting Yvonne and Morris, I knew I was in the right place; I felt truly cared about and wanted.  When I first entered this program I instantly felt safe and for some reason became completely willing to work the program and found hope again.  Yvonne and Morris made me feel so at ease, not alone, and the way they do their program created a new way for me to be successful.  I looked forward to group every day and although at the beginning I struggled incredibly hard, I managed to stay sober.  One day turned into two than three and then thirty. I am now nine months sober.  I connected with the small group of people I was with and felt like I finally had people to depend on; people I could relate to, and people I enjoyed spending time with.  The way Yvonne and Morris taught me about sobriety, my brain, about myself, and about life clicked in a way it never had before.  In this whole process my life has drastically changed. I have struggled like all people do, but my power to overcome and stay sober has triumphed.  I went from feeling horrible to being okay with life, I have a job I enjoy, my kids in my life, a loving partner, a place to call my own, and happiness I never thought was possible.   I feel like I am a whole new person, although not what where I want to be yet, I am truly thankful I am not who I used to be anymore!”



Years ago when I was at low point in my life, I began to look at what were the contributing factors for the demise of my life’s well-being. It became obvious to me that alcohol was the leading contributor to my dysfunction. I did my research, and it pointed me to Morris Regan who as a Chemical Dependency Counselor had been helping people like me for years.

In the Intensive Outpatient treatment program I experienced an awakening as I learned new and valuable information about the effect that alcohol has on the mind, body, and eventually your spirit. I learned why it was so easy for me to choose alcohol as a coping mechanism for dealing with life, and also learned what the physical side effects were and why it is progressive in nature. My one-on-one counseling sessions with Morris helped me define my situation; outline a plan of treatment designed specifically for me and it gave me the tools to get my life back on track.

The follow-up program of Relapse Prevention was like a “trade school” on how to put the tools I had acquired in the Intensive Outpatient Program to use in everyday life. For almost six years now I have been living the kind of life that I used to have before alcohol become such a driving force of desperation and despair.

I believe the services that New Hope Recovery can provide can help people within a wide range of need. Whether you only abuse alcohol on occasion or are a late stage alcoholic, the services that New Hope recovery can provide will certainly be instrumental in getting your life back on track.




A little over nine years ago I reached a point of despair I didn’t think I could return from. I’d lost many things which were supports to me, and which I felt were necessary to have to live a decent and happy life. At the same time, no one (I thought) really knew the extent of my despair and I believed I needed to keep it that way. My life turned around when I was mandated to get counseling, and spoke with Morris Regan (now at New Hope Recovery). He assessed and encouraged me to attend the Outpatient treatment program. This program and Morris supported me in completing everything I needed to do to comply with the legal system. In it, I learned about my disease and the ways I could put it into remission. I’ve been sober since and even through the death of my mother, my dog and my sponsor, through job changes, and two major moves, I’ve felt content and able to move forward because of what I learned through treatment. I will always be thankful for that difficult time not because of what I lost, but because of what I gained – it’s immeasurable.




To anyone requiring and needing substance abuse counseling and recovery treatment, I strongly recommend Morris and Yvonne Regan of New Hope Recovery.

I relapsed after a number of years being sober. I felt disillusioned with AA - felt that my circumstances were beyond the scope of AA.

After a DUI, I began counseling by Morris, also intensive outpatient treatment, relapse prevention and aftercare with both Morris and Yvonne.

 It wasn’t an instant turnaround; I resisted at first, but was guided into a meaningful, enjoyable recovery, and new appreciation of AA, that couldn’t have happened without the patience, skill, and personal interest given by Morris and Yvonne.

There are other counselors and treatment programs that are adequate, but Morris and Yvonne at New Hope Recovery are exceptional and proven!


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